Social Services Transportation Advisory Council (SSTAC)

The Social Services Transportation Advisory Council (SSTAC) is a standing committee of the Lake Area Planning Council. This committee was statutorily created in 1988 by Senate Bill (SB) 498, and advises the Policy Board on transit issues. The SSTAC represents the interests of the elderly, disabled and persons of limited means. The SSTAC is composed of nine members, and each of the positions are filled to represent a specific interest in staggered three-year terms.  The SSTAC assists the Area Planning Council in the identification of transit needs that may be reasonable to meet by establishing or contracting for new public transportation services, or specialized transportation services, or by expanding existing services.  The SSTAC typically meets on a quarterly basis to facilitate coordination of public transit and other transportation needs.

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Currently Vacant
Potential Transit User – 60 years or older

Currently Vacant
Potential Transit User – Disabled

Shannon Kimbell-auth
American Red Cross

Holly Goetz, MSW, ASW
Transportation Provider – Seniors

Currently Vacant
Social Services Provider – Disabled

Karen Dakari, People Services
Transportation Provider – Disabled

Melinda Lahr
Social Services Provider – Limited Means

Laurie Fisher, Lake Links, Program Manager
Consolidated Service Transportation Agency

Meeting Information

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  • SSTAC Meeting – APC SSTAC – Date to follow | Details to follow

Past Meetings:

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The SSTAC represents the interests of the elderly, disabled and persons of limited means.